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Growing high value, positive impact businesses, led by ethical leaders with space to breathe.

Why Sage

Apart from the fact that Kathryn from SteinArt has enough sage growing in her garden to keep us in sage tea for the next decade, our collective has a vast bank of (sage) knowledge and experience that we wanted to share collaboratively with others who have similar values.  And for those who understand it’s potential health benefits, we just felt sage fitted with our collective intention to create and encourage a good healthy work-life integration. 

The Sage Room is a collective of small businesses working together, as highly independent and interdependent businesses, to grow each and all of our businesses, whilst expanding our impact.

We want to showcase how small businesses can work effectively together through collaboration rather than competition, to achieve growth and impact beyond what would be possible as individuals whilst also maintaining the flexibility of independence.

We create spaces, services and products that stimulate work-life integration – supporting well-being over small-business burn out. We challenge traditional ways of thinking around how we should work – to live life sustainably, ethically and consciously whilst holding commitment to quality and outstanding results.

We choose to base ourselves within our local area and both individually and collectively contribute to the broader community through using local businesses first and actively engaging with local community organisations.

We foster a mindset of creativity, integrity and spacious choice through leveraging strengths of different individuals. Together we have grown our businesses, ourselves and our community; the Sage Room aims to share this experience and expertise to support you and your business to grow, towards the life you choose.

Living a vision for how small business can be – enriching, invigorating, enlightening.

Our Collaborators

We work with business owners to transform them from do-ers to leaders in their business. Building confidence in their communication skills and strategic thinking, we help them to step in to leading the growth they desire for their business. The Sage room gives us an opportunity for a bigger voice to articulate and advocate for how small businesses can work differently to create more integrated, less overwhelmed lives.

We support business owners to focus on their core business strengths, trusting us to manage the rest. We inspire people to collaborate and communicate for the betterment of their business, community and experience of life. Through  Sage Room we can bring our own business vision of collaboration and flexible working to a bigger audience, with greater impact. 

We create communications that connect and help build bigger businesses, sustainably. Sage Room showcases and consolidates how we work, disrupting thinking around how we should work and opening new understandings of what the future of flexible work and business could be.
We help people get organised so they can do more of what is important to them. Both parts of our business – Admin/Bookkeeping and NDIS Plan Management – help our clients easily complete the processes that are difficult and time consuming for them. Sage Room gives us independence and flexibility within a supportive, learning team – creating opportunities to help our clients with even more of their challenges.
We are a design agency working with business owners to transform their brand for next level growth. Proud to be a business owner, and proud to share a part in this collaboration with others, to share what is possible for small businesses. We work together without having to absorb each other’s business or to be the bigger boss. And we have a lot of fun doing it!